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Pioneer CDJ Level 2 Dubai Edition

4 sessions (12 hours) of premium coaching

DJ Course Dates
Preregister for December 2020

In the 1st session, we dissect and deconstruct the music composition“formula”, how songs are structured and where are the best key areas of mixing in and out, and developing a playlist of tracks that cohesively tell a story. We review the looper / cutterfunctions and discover all available options and modes. Using Vinyl mode as an alternative play mode and use as a creative tool. We intentionally depend less on the technology and focus on training our ear-brain-hand coordination. We also enter part 1 of the effect suite on the mixer. We further explore Rekordbox features to enable us to make the best out of our music library.

In the 2nd session hot cue creative play and performance concepts are learned, also part 2 of effects is now completed and further ear-brain-hand coordination is enhanced though practical class exercises.

In the 3rd session, we prepare our Rekordbox installation to record and produce a DJ set and which avenueswe can work with online to promoteour skillset. In this session we delve deeper into the technical aspects of Rekordbox and the CDJs, we create tags, filters and searchable playlists; we also program and create a personal profile of the hardware setup based on our favorite preferences. We transfer the above functions into Rekordbox to create a seamless integration with our Pioneer hardware and controllers.

In this last and 4th session, we discover external connectivity options using the RMX1000 app and others for further performance enhancements. We finish off with a Q&A session and a review. Then you are to record a professional 45 minute DJ set.


The 5 biggest things you’ll learn in this course.
✅ Gain the ability to DJ the right way.
✅ DJ on the club-standard and any other type of DJ gear.
✅ Train your ear & mind, develop the confidence and skillset required beyond mixing and track selection to be a DJ.
✅ Learn the true art-form.
✅ Better understand music, energy, flow and how to transmit it to those around you.

Take control of your creativity.

This course will equip you with the tools, skills and techniques to help you learn the art of DJing, build a more intimate relationship with music, understand the entertainment industry, create DJ mixes and reach your creative potential.